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At WitasPRO, we pride ourselves on being a trusted international distributor, offering exceptional products that are a cut above the rest.

About us

As a partner of the renowned European power generators manufacturer GENERGA, we supply professionals in DENMARK with highly regarded power generators.

Generga generators have received recognition for their outstanding quality and performance over 15 years of experience in 22 countries.

The strong and robust Honda engine, the enormous working power and the impressive durability are the outstanding features of Generga’s power generators. For each unit, trustworthy in all conditions, for more than a lifetime!

Our professionalism is also appreciated by insulation specialists in Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia.

In these markets, we offer the best insulation equipment solutions. Highly efficient and powerful IsoBlow machines from the Austrian manufacturer IsoCell. One of our higher economy class solutions – the renowned Danish manufacturer Isolerings Maskinen, which has an excellent price – performance ratio. In Lithuania, we offer top – quality insulation materials from industry leader ISOVER.

Get in touch with our team, we’ll be happy to help you power up your projects.

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